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Did you know that Spain and Portugal for 800 years were muslim land and that its catholic history only started 500 years ago?

We invite you to enjoy one of our personalized tour arrangements or guided tours. You will feel and experience in person what you may have read about the history of islam in the land of Spain, Portugal, France and Gibraltar - also known as Moorish Iberia or Al-Andalus. You will also discover the influence of islam in these countries still present today; in deeply rooted cultural heritage like architecture, traditions and language.

See how the first catholic authorities intended to change the rich arab architecture in an effort to replace its references to islam. However, unable to do so while maintaining its beauty, eventually the muslim heritage sites were left in their original state and even conserved. Today many of these sites are recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO. To be confronted with the impressive islamic arts and the historical events that it witnessed will undoubtedly be an emotional experience.

Gain a better understanding of how islam raised Europe to become the prosperous continent that it was for centuries and learn what happened in the 15th century when the muslim state arrived at its fall. Learn who are the new muslims in Europe today and how they view their future.

We provide tour arrangements and guided tours. Including hotel booking, driver/chauffeur, outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Halal catering to hotel rooms!

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Travel Guide for Al-Andalus experience. Learn the history, culture, weather and tips.

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